Swimming is for Bears Too


Even though it’s the middle of September, we spent the afternoon swimming at Plumber Cove.

I’m not sure what the daytime high was, probably in the low twenties, but the sun felt hot, and it was a delight to swim and play with the kids in the salt water.

Around 10:30 on Sunday, we got word that the normally ‘bear free’ Keats Island had suddenly become home to a black bear.  He or she swam over from the mainland, and park managers were running from camp site to camp site asking visitors to pack out their food.

Black bears are strong swimmers, and Dane, the park guy, told me that there usually is one incident a year of a bear swimming over.

I guess the bear thought the water was just too fine to pass up, like the rest of us.


Catching Old Friends


It was a pleasant surprise to find Erramus at Keats Island while we were there for the weekend.

She’s Ron and Merideth’s beautiful Valiant 40, and they were up for the night with some other friend so ours.  I first met Ron at SFU doing the summer publishing series.

I had a good look at Ron’s freshly healed hand – he had a pretty scary encounter with a windlass while they were sailing up coast.  All’s well, though hand modeling is apparently out of the picture.

Madsu feels mighty small after stepping aboard Erramus for a quick visit.


Summer Never Ends


Spent a good part of the afternoon swimming in Plumper Cove on Keats Island.

Friends and their kids were camping on the island, so we spent a fabulous afternoon playing in the crystal clear cove.


Horseshoe Bay


It’s pretty quiet on Sewell’s east docks now that the long-weekend has gone by.

Great September sailing ahead !

On The Water

Howe Sound Cloud


Light to no wind in Howe Sound this afternoon. But a lovely day with loads of interesting clouds to watch while going nowhere in particular.