Madsu On The Water

Fast and Warm

Our summer weather has been pretty spotty, but today the sun was out and there was some heat in it.

With a South wind blowing into Howe Sound Madsu was feeling sprightly, doing 5.5 knots to weather with her 100% jib and full main.

Can’t really get enough of this.  There’s a short video here.

This is a still from the GoPro HD camera I had strapped to the pushpit.


Lazy Afternoon


Heavy overcast in Howe Sound with a very light outflow wind.  Madsu’s doing a lazy 3 knots to weather – faster than I expected given the light wind, but there’s no chop, so we skimmed along smartly.

I made it back to the dock just in time to avoid the drizzle that finally arrived after threatening all afternoon.

On The Water

Caledonia Yawl

This lovely Caledonia Yawl is doing an effortless 5 kn to weather on a sunny day in Howe Sound. The skipper looks plenty relaxed.

With a reef in Madsu’s main and the 100% jib up, the Yawl was outpacing us.


Madsu On The Water

Long Weekend Warms Up

We finally got some warm weather – and a lovely day for a day sail in Howe Sound.   The wind was a bit flukey by the time we got down to the dock, but we had a lovely low key afternoon sail.

You can see there’s still lots of snow in the local mountains.