Sunset at Plumper Cove


Spent a lovely 4 days at Plumper Cove, reading and generally relaxing.  There was a stiff breeze each afternoon blowing through the anchorage, but the up-side is it kept the mosquitoes away.

This sunset was on my last night there.


Howe Sound Magic


It’s been a few years since I’ve actually gone into Gibsons by boat.  I was anchored out at Plumper Cove on Keats Island (the island on the left of the the frame) and ran out of propane.  So I took the dinghy over to Gibsons to get a refill and snuck into a cafe to get a decaf.  Heaven.

Madsu On The Water

Same Boat – More Room


Back in January I bought this new boom tent for Madsu.  It looks like a custom job, but in fact it’s stock from Blue Performance.   Their ‘small’ size fit Madsu perfectly.  Except, they don’t call it a boom tent – it’s a Sunshade De Luxe.

Call it what you will, it really makes a big difference on a small boat like Madsu.  I’ve always use a cheap plastic tarp for a book tent, but this awning covers a larger area  because it’s got 4 battens.    It had a good test this week, as it was windy in the anchorage.  With tie downs at each batten, it was rock solid even in the gusts.  Set up and take down takes about 15 minutes.  A major improvement, and well worth the cost.