Horseshoe Bay


It’s pretty quiet on Sewell’s east docks now that the long-weekend has gone by.

Great September sailing ahead !

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September is my favorite sailing month on the Great Lakes too. The air and water is still relatively warm, the winds pick up, and any crowds that were here have gone back to school.

Today was the first good sailing day here in Mackinac in nearly a week – beautiful high pressure has been in control, but light winds. Today’s 5-15 knots were welcome! Funny how we sailors can actually look forward to cold fronts and weather systems for our ‘wind element’!

I remember doing some sailing clinics with a guy who only liked to sail “ahead of a gale” or front.

Glad to hear you had a nice day – we had a great weekend out in the September sun and even went swimming at the anchorage. some new pics in a bit.


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