On The Water

Heading Home

A great sail home from Keats.  After short tacking up Shoal Channel, the wind in the Straight was a steady 15 knots from the SouthWest.

Had a great sail home, with Madsu under 100% jib and a reef in the main.  The waves took their toll on speed, but averaged a steady 5 knots to weather.



With a few days off and great weather, I made my way to Plumper Cove and spend some quality time at a mooring bouy.

Madsu’s looking fine in the late afternoon sun.


Mid July

Another fabulous day in Howe Sound.  Despite a forecast of 15-20 knots, the wind was fairly light in the early afternoon.  We had a pleasant sail out into the Straight of Georgia.

On our way back I spotted this Corsair F27 just off Passage Island. I’ve seen it at the marina but this is the first time I’ve seen it out on the water. I’d like to see it when there’s a bit of wind, apparently they can crank it up to 20 knots – sweet.


Canada Day Sail

We had a lovely afternoon sail on Canada Day.

With a puffy SE wind blowing into Howe Sound we were making good time to weather – pretty steady around 5 knots and a bit more in the puffs.  Nice to see some sunshine too.