A Small Bit of Long Weekend Sunshine


The Victoria Day Long Weekend was a bit of a write off here in the Lower Mainland.

However, we played our cards right for an afternoon sail – we found the perfect weather window in an othewise dreary and wet weekend.  And we had a lovely breeze to make the wait worthwhile.

This shot is actually a still from a new video camera I’m using.  It’s a HeroHD mini from GoPro, and so far I’m really impressed with the quality of the video and the images.  I didn’t treat this picture at all – it’s exactly the way it came out of the video stream.

The HeroHD also shoots stills, but because it has a nifty waterproof case, I’m using it as a video camera on the boat – and I’ll be posting some of my experiments over the summer.

Madsu Meets the GoPro from robert ouimet on Vimeo.