Passage Island

Passage Island straight ahead marks the entrance to Howe Sound.

In the distance, Vancouver Island a few of our fabled Gulf Island – they’re the lower ones (darker) on the horizon. That’s Gabriola to the right of Passage Island and Valdez on the left.  The higher ridges in the distance are part of Vancouver Island.  And to the far right of the frame you can see the tip of Bowen Island (Cowan’s Point).


Vancouver Over Yonder


We’re about ten nautical miles NW of Vancouver, in the Straight of Georgia.

The land left of frame is Bowen Island.

You can see First Narrows and Lion’s Gate Bridge just starting to open to the right of Bowen.

Further right from there is Stanley Park, and directly behind Stanley Park you can see Burnaby Mountain.

And to the right, Vancouver’s skyline.