Keats in the Sunshine

In this photo:  Keats Island is in the distance, left.  Behind it is the mainland.  To the right you can see part of Gambier Island in the foreground, and more of Gambier showing further back in front of the mainland. You can see the Langdale/Horseshoe Bay car ferry in the distance just left of centre.

It’s been a cool and not particularly sunny spring leading into summer here.

So when the forecast called for a couple of days of sunshine, I packed some food and headed down to Madsu for a quick overnight trip to Keats Island.

I didn’t get off the dock until 5 pm on a Friday, but had a lovely sail over.  The wind was just right and I only had to motor sail through a couple of dead spots.

All the mooring bouys were taken when I arrived shortly at 8 pm, so I pulled up to the dock rather than anchor out.

Met up with some friends from the dock at Horseshoe Bay who were there with their 2 dogs.  We had a lovely visit and shared some fun stories – really nice to connect with them out here in one of my favourite marine parks.

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