Morning on Keats


There’s a decent breeze blowing in from the Straight.  Every 10 minutes or so, we’re also getting crazy little gusts.  The wind whistles through the shrouds and the docks at Plumper Cove are rocking.

I can see whitecaps out in the Straight.  The folks in the Catalina 30 at the other end of the dock from me are pushing off for the Gulf Islands in a few minutes.  It’s a good day for a fast passage across the Straight, but it’ll be a rocky ride – and probably a bit wet with those puffs throwing salt water across the foredeck.

Their little Jack Russell terrier seems to know what’s coming.  He’s whining to get below, out of the wind.  I’m told he’ll go straight to his snug little carrier kennel stashed under the chart table.   One smart little puppy.

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