Ideal Conditions, Again


Another brilliant day in Howe Sound.

I got down to the boat a bit late in the morning, and the southerly inflow was already well established.

A reef in the main and the #3 jib were in order – as the puffs were fairly strong and Madsu, like most sailboats, prefers not to be on her ear.  Skipper too.

It was another hot day and working our way to weather at 4.5 knots felt pretty good.  This may be the last time I use the old #3. Marcia at  North Sails called today to say my 2 new jibs have arrived.   Perfect, since we’ve been getting lots of  katabatics in Howe Sound with all this heat.

I’m sure the 100% will get used tons, and the storm jib will be a welcome over the next few weeks.