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Archimedes off my starboard bow. One of the 100 largest motor yachts in the world, she’s at anchor in Mannion Bay, Bowen Island BC.

Madsu and I sailed by and took a couple of quick shots, but didn’t want to be rubber-necking-tourists.

We’re far too classy for that.

A few quick comparisons:

  • LOA:  Madsu, 22 feet.  Archimedes, 222.3 feet
  • Power: Madsu, one, 9.9 horsepower gas engine   Archimedes, two, 2,000 horse power diesel engines
  • Fuel tank: Madsu, 22 litres.  Archimedes, 171,000 litres.
  • Crew: Madsu, 1.  Archimedes, 16

Also see this shot


One of World’s Largest Yachts off Bowen Island

Archimedes is apparently one of the 100 largest motor yachts in the world, # 75 according to this website.

She was anchored in Mannion Bay, on Bowen Island, late this afternoon. I saw her pull in so I sailed over to get a couple of shots. Note the swimming pool on the upper aft deck. Nice touch.

The yacht has beautiful lines; she looks like a proper ship.

And she’s big alright. Over 222 feet, and sports two, 2-thousand horsepower Caterpillar engines.

I wonder if they were heading over to the Eco-Shed ?

Have a look at this quick comparison with Madsu.