Granville Island Water Taxi


The Bowen Island Express – Granville Island Water Taxi‘s regular commute between downtown Vancouver and Bowen Island.

Here it is, outbound Snug Cove to Granville Island on Saturday afternoon.  That’s Bowen in the background.  Shot with my D70 while running dead downwind in the opposite direction.


Cape Roger Curtis


Cape Roger Curtis, off our port side, as we sail the Georgia Straight towards Vancouver.

The land on this end of Bowen Island is privately owned, and has been the subject of controversy lately.

Read more about that on James Glave’s web site, here’s the land owner’s web site, and here’s the Cape Roger Curtis trust website.

(Island politics – one hazard to navigation you don’t have to worry about if you stay on the boat !)


Blue Sky For Days


Another picture perfect weather day in Howe Sound, and great sailing too.

In the distance you can see the race fleet from the annual  Round Bowen Island race.


Sublime / Ridiculous


Archimedes off my starboard bow. One of the 100 largest motor yachts in the world, she’s at anchor in Mannion Bay, Bowen Island BC.

Madsu and I sailed by and took a couple of quick shots, but didn’t want to be rubber-necking-tourists.

We’re far too classy for that.

A few quick comparisons:

  • LOA:  Madsu, 22 feet.  Archimedes, 222.3 feet
  • Power: Madsu, one, 9.9 horsepower gas engine   Archimedes, two, 2,000 horse power diesel engines
  • Fuel tank: Madsu, 22 litres.  Archimedes, 171,000 litres.
  • Crew: Madsu, 1.  Archimedes, 16

Also see this shot


One of World’s Largest Yachts off Bowen Island

Archimedes is apparently one of the 100 largest motor yachts in the world, # 75 according to this website.

She was anchored in Mannion Bay, on Bowen Island, late this afternoon. I saw her pull in so I sailed over to get a couple of shots. Note the swimming pool on the upper aft deck. Nice touch.

The yacht has beautiful lines; she looks like a proper ship.

And she’s big alright. Over 222 feet, and sports two, 2-thousand horsepower Caterpillar engines.

I wonder if they were heading over to the Eco-Shed ?

Have a look at this quick comparison with Madsu.


Heading Towards Bowen