Bay Watch


Given that there’s a small schooner in the cove, and the water was super clear, and it was hot hot hot,  this could easily pass for a quiet little bay in the tropics – except for all the cedar trees.

This was shot from Keats Island, Plumper Cover is the left, across the sound is the town of Gibsons Landing.


On Ramp

20090622_plumper_cover_rampThe ramp down to the docks at Plumper Cove Provincial Marine Park


Bring on the Tourists


Its been weeks since we’ve seen any kind of cumulus clouds in Howe Sound.

With a bit of a weather change the last couple of days, we’re seeing some lovely picture perfect cloud formations, like this one over Vancouver, framed in the foreground by Passage Island.

Weather here can be extremely localized.  When I left our house in North Vancouver, about 10 km away from where the boat is moored, it was drizzling slightly.  At Horseshoe Bay, it was all sun.

With a nice southerly at about 12 knots, Madsu was doing 5 knots SMG beating to windward, against the flood tide current, as we headed out to the Straight.


One of World’s Largest Yachts off Bowen Island

Archimedes is apparently one of the 100 largest motor yachts in the world, # 75 according to this website.

She was anchored in Mannion Bay, on Bowen Island, late this afternoon. I saw her pull in so I sailed over to get a couple of shots. Note the swimming pool on the upper aft deck. Nice touch.

The yacht has beautiful lines; she looks like a proper ship.

And she’s big alright. Over 222 feet, and sports two, 2-thousand horsepower Caterpillar engines.

I wonder if they were heading over to the Eco-Shed ?

Have a look at this quick comparison with Madsu.